First! – a introduction

First post.

Well not really, I’ve been lazily blogging for years, but this is the first one where I will be myself and be anonymous at the same time.
I’ve found that giving away the url to a blog where you share your deepest feelings to the people closest to you is a demotivating thing to do as far as continous blogging is concerned.

Did that sentance make any sense at all? It sort of took on a life of it’s own. I apologize.

Anyway, for this blog I will be myself and 100% honest. I hereby swear that I will never give this url to anyone who knows me personally. Not that you as a reader care about that. Do random people even read random blogs anymore? I know I don’t. Hopefully there are alot of people who are different from me out there.
I wouldn’t be surprised at that actually.

Well, thanks for reading!
if you like the little you’ve read so far, be sure to bookmark and maybe add a little link in your own blog.

See you around,

– abscondo


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