The Legend of the Ice People: #1 Spellbound

Winter 1581: a deadly plague outbreak robs sixteen-year old peasant girl Silje of all her family. Homeless, starving and shepherding two foundling infants, she stumbles through the corpse-strewn streets of Trondheim on Norway’s northern coast.
Heading desperately for the warmth of the mass funeral pyres blazing beyond the city gates, she encounters in the shadowy forest  one of the infamous Ice People, a fearsome, strangely captivating ‘wolf man’.  He offers help — and she feels irresistibly drawn to him. But what is the terrible fascination ? And where will it lead?
Spellbound, the opening volume in The Legend of the Ice People, begins a journey that spans four centuries and interweaves romance and the supernatural in narratives that are passionate, earthy, often erotic and imbued above all else with a powerful narrative drive.

The first book of the 47 book long Epic-potential series The Legend of The Ice People opens with a chilling scene in Trondheim, Norway during a outbreak of the plague in 1581.
From the very first pages you get “sucked in” to this old[e] world and the characters that inhibit it. Strictly speaking, the language may not be great and “elitist” litterarians (I don’t know if that’s a word at all – according to the spellcheck it isn’t but I’m using it anyways) may not like it simply because it’s so darn… easy to read. The pages fly by and you can’t help feeling for the characters and cheering for them to get through their perils.

Margit Sandemo, the author, has a very direct way to express herself. There’s sex, death, bad guys vs good guys, love and hate raw to the bone. Not much “beating around the bush” in other words.
At the same time I can’t help but feel this book (and the rest) can be great for young adults and teenagers as well. Yes there is sex, and yes there is violence, but the underlying morale and ethics is very uplifting and refreshing. I can almost bet that anyone who grows up reading these books will become a fine representative of the human species. That may sound pompous, but that’s the feeling I’m left with after finishing the book. And the urge to order book number 2 as soon as possible of course.


Check out tagman press or amazon to order your own copy. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Thanks again for reading. This is my very first attempt at a “review”, so forgive the lack of… skills.

– abscondo, currently in love with the Ice People.



  1. Sissi said,

    Tuesday 14 October, 2008 at 18:25

    These books really can be recommended!!! I first read the 47 books when they were published here in Norway in the 80’s, and they are absolutely breathtaking.
    They are written in such an “easy” language that you get caugt immediately, and you feel as if you’re watching it all, or are a part of it as you read.
    The charachters are so alive, and you feel close to each and everyone of them, although there are some you REALLY miss when they are gone…

    look forward to the remaining books, as this is only the beginning…..You willl have SO many great moments in time to come as the history is nearing our own days….
    What is fiction…and what COULD have happened???


  2. Tuesday 28 October, 2008 at 18:39

    […] bloganmeldelse av den første boken avsluttes […]

  3. arne said,

    Wednesday 29 October, 2008 at 0:11

    Linking to you was my pleasure. These are good books that are frowned upon by the norwegian literary establishment. They wouldn’t even admit Margit Sandemo into the Authors Union in Norway, because they felt she wrote books that were beneath them 🙂

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