The Legend of the Ice People: #2 Witch-hunt

***Warning – this post contains spoilers***
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In “Witch-Hunt”, Silje Arngrimsdotter, the seventeen-year-old heroine of the opening novel Spellbound, struggles to come to terms with the harshness of life in a high mountain valley among the witches and warlocks of the mysterious Ice People.

Having fled there for her life with her adored ‘wolf man’ and two foundling infants from the Trondheim plague, Silje has bravely borne their first child. But this life of austere poverty is shattered when bloodthirsty, witch-hunting troops invade the remote valley.

Warned in time, Silje, her ‘wolf man’ and their charges flee from the carnage to the lowlands again to begin a new life. But unknowingly are they also carrying with them into the future the accursed heritage of the Ice People

In the second book of the series, the story continues from a few years after it left of in the end of Spellbound.
Everything that was good in the first book is still there in Witch-Hunt. On top of that we get more characters, new locations and new “antagonists”.
We get to know more about Sol, one of the most captivating characters I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” during all my years of reading books. The duality in her, struggling with the family curse she has to live with while at the same time caring immensely for her loved ones, makes her perhaps the personality with most depth in the series from what I’ve read (the first 3 books). Some of Margit Sandemos characters may be a little flat, particularly the less important ones, but Sol has “it all”.

Witch-Hunt isn’t all about her though. We follow the little (growing) family as they flee from the valley of the Ice People watching the entire population get killed by the bailiffs men as they head for the mountains. It’s a gripping scene of courage, desperation and companionship.
Homeless and with nothing but death looming in their future, Silje tries the only solution she can see.
Of course I won’t reveal what it is, and if it helps.



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– abscondo



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