The Legend of the Ice People

Many years after the initial release, this highly popular Swedish/Norwegian book series is now being published in English.

The story is about a cursed family line in Scandinavia, starting in Norway in the 16th century during a plague in the city of Trondheim.
Recurring topics is said to be romance, magic, history, love, superstition, myth, folklore and so on. May not sound to out of the ordinary, but after reading the first 4 books I can’t wait for more. This is not like anything else I’ve read, and that’s a good thing in this case.

I will attempt to give a “review” of each and every book as I read them. So stay tuned if you’re interested.
in the meanwhile, please check out the authors website for more info (first chapters of each book available for free) and the publishers site to order your own copy.


– abscondo


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