Well… that was strange.

Let me begin with saying that I do NOT believe anything will happen tomorrow, the infamous 10.14.08, I’ve voiced my opinion against it since first hearing about the predicted event.

That said, I had a very weird dream last night (around 7 o’clock in the morning the 13th of october), so strange in fact that I had to write down what I remembered when I woke up.
I will share the notes here right now. Just remember they may not make sense because it was a dream, I was weirded out when I wrote it and I wrote it in my own language – so it’s translated to English. I also made some “drawings” that I’ll try to re-make in photoshop and post here in this post later.

Here it is:

13.10.08 (early morning)

Strange “miniature dreams”, almost before I fell asleep. – Frame/mask?

[first drawing will go here when it’s made]

“Wake up” by someone standing outside. A man can be seen through the window, He holds a open plastic box with something inside. He rings the doorbell of my neighbour (appartment next door). I go back to bed, but get up again right away.
A man (same guy?) stands in my living room with his back turned to me. I say “hello?”. He turns slowly towards me (confused?), he’s got something in his hand (gun?) and talks in a walkie. I’m standing right in front of him yet can’t hear/understand what he’s saying in the walkie…

He sees me (confused?) and says “I didn’t think…”. He then asks if I have a chair. “Only the big one” I say. Does he laugh?
He lifts the chair, something happens, don’t remember what, a lot of light.
I put a “double pillow” (like on garden chairs, with a “seat” and support for the back) over my head. the light gets stronger, engulfs everything.
All of a sudden I sit infront of the PC. I hear voices (gender?) saying something about “channeling” and “10.14.08”.
I get scared in the dream (?). Sit online and read something. See pictures, one showing “atmospheric changes”. Another with the title “rebuilding earth” (not technologicaly).

[picture showing the “atmospheric changes” will go here]

Know I had 2 “visions”, but can only remember the one I’ve written down here!

I suddently wake up. it takes time to realize that I was dreaming because I woke from a dream in the dream itself.

I’m confused when I get the pen and paper. I was dead tired when I went to sleep, but never really fell asleep (interrutpted by the “miniature dreams” mentioned in he beginning). Wide awake now…

about the “mask”  [image to come later], I’ve forgotten almost everything about it except that some person (lady?) in some place (office?) laughs when I ask if it’s supposed to be “empty” and be used as art alone.
Must have been some kind of mask or a sort of picture frame.

Well there it is.
Yes I know it’s weird and hardly makes any sense at all. Just remember as I said that this is notes from a dream I just woke up from. And it’s translated. It makes little sense for me, but I’m sure it makes even less for you.

Again, I do not believe in “10.14.08”, I do not believe this dream meant anything. The only reason I write it down here is if something happens tomorrow, I want this here as “proof” that I’m not making it up if I later claim to have had a dream about it.

Did that make sense?

Thanks for reading.

– abscondo


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