The Legend of the Ice People: #3 Depths of Darkness

***Warning – this post contains spoilers***
to read the review of book #1, click here.



In The Depths of Darkness, Sol Angelica, the beautiful and restless niece of Tengel, becomes the focus of the story…At twenty years of age she is able to give full and free rein to her long-held wish to seek out ancient witches covens in the lowlands and to worship the Powers of Darkness unrestrainedly. At last she feels ready to fulfil all her secret and depraved dreams of power and carnal passion.

Yet like her uncle Tengel, all her impulses are not evil – it is not only the dark powers that guide her. And she finds she is ready to give her life to protect those nearest and dearest to her…

In this third book, the focus shifts mainly unto Sol, the now 20 year old niece of Tengel. She has been behaving relatively well over the last years, keeping her promise to her foster parents to don’t use her powers for harm. As a reward she is given her bag of herbs, mixtures, potions and other (worse) witch-craft remedies.

Sol breaks away from home to “have her own experiences”. She goes to visit Dag, who is now studying in Denmark. Her main goal however is a fabled witches coven, which she remembers the heinous witch Hanna talking about in the first book, in Sweden. While in Denmark it doesn’t take long for her to get in trouble due to her powers and the general paranoia of the witch-hunters of the time-period.

Despite what you may think when reading the text on the back of the book, there’s a lot going on in Depths of Darkness. At least 3 or 4 individual stories take place, most of them being about Sol and her new adventures.

This is in my opinion the best book so far. We get to know a lot more about Sol, what drives her and the conflict within.

It’s difficult to recommend book number 3 in a series of 47, in order to fully enjoy it you should read the first two beforehand, of course. If you have read the first two, get this one as well, there should be no doubt in your mind. Times are slowly changing, new characters steps forward and older ones begin to step back.

You may laugh, you may feel empathy, you may dispair, you may rejoyce.
You may cry.

It’s all part of the Ice People experience.


Thanks for reading.


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