What the future holds

Aloha my readers (hey, let me at least pretend I have some).

It’s been a while since the latest post, mostly because I have an uninteresting life, but also because I’ve been waiting for the latest book in The Legend of the Ice People to arrive in my mailbox. Thanks a lot to amazon.co.uk for being 2 weeks late. So much for pre-ordering, eh?

Anyway, I wanted to make a little post about what I’ll write about here soon.
First off, you’ll soon find a review of Mortal Sin, book #5 in The Ice People. I just have to finish reading it. So far though, it looks like it could be one of the best books so far. Very interesting characters and events, not to mention a very “hot” and controversial topic! So stay tuned for that.

Another thing to come soon may be a review of Stephen Kings The Gunslinger, first book in his epic tale of The Dark Tower (Watch out for spoilers in those links). It’s been maybe a year since I read The Gunslinger, so I’m refreshing my memory by listening to it on audio book.

If you’re a first time reader I do have to say that I use the word “review” lightly. I’m i no way a professional at this, so don’t expect anything other than a fan review. Not a die-hard-fan-for-decades review either.

That seems to be it for now, so long – stay tuned – and thanks for all the fish.

– abscondo


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