The Legend of the Ice People #5: Mortal Sin

***Warning – this post contains spoilers***
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Mortal Sin, by Margit Sandemo

Mortal Sin, by Margit Sandemo

In Mortal Sin, Silje’s granddaughter, Cecilie, jeopardises her role as governess at the court of King Christian IV when she becomes pregnant – by a priest! But to save herself and her new husband, she marries one of the king’s closest advisers Marquis Alexander Paladin, who faces disgrace because of his homosexual activity and they declare her child their own. Against the background of the Thirty Years War the drama of their tortured marriage forms the core of this book.

The 5th book in The Legend of the Ice People may well become the most “controversial” one in the series. The homosexual Marquis Alexander Paladin faces punishment, possibly death, for his “sins”. Meanwhile his friend Cecilie Meiden, who we met in Yearning, returns to Denmark after getting pregnant with a priest in a moment of desperation and lust.

The relationship between the two is very interesting, some of the scenes they share feels like instant classics. Like the one in Yearning when they first met. There was something about it that just struck me, even though it was just a brief encounter.
Thankfully we see more of the same quality writing in Mortal Sin. The chemistry Margit Sandemo produces between the two is very intriguing, and you almost feel honored to be “allowed” to watch their friendship grow. Romance-wise, this is the best book yet. Yes the story of Silje and Tengels love in the first books was great, but this is better in my opinion.
I’m not sure how the politically correct will react to this book, as it show quite clearly what position homosexuality had in Europe at the time. I’d love to go into more detail, but you should really buy the book and find out for yourself. I can’t tell it half as good as Sandemo can.

The Thirty year war rages on in Europe, and Danish recruiters are running wild in Norway, taking 2 of the young Ice People members with them down to the battlefields. The glowing eyes become more prominent as one of them discovers who he really is, that his generation has in fact not escaped the evil family curse at all…

Kolgrim, who was one of the main characters in Yearning, takes a back-seat ride in Mortal Sin. Although he appears several times, and is referred to even more, the story isn’t about him. But I suspect the little we do get to know about his development will serve as a great build-up for the next book, where he seems to have a much bigger role to play. There’s no doubt he IS one of the evil cursed ones of the family, and – unlike his grandmother Sol – he doesn’t want to change that.

The storytelling is gripping, the suspense – even when nothing is happening – drives you on and forces you to read just one more page. Thanks to Sandemos intriguing characters and story-lines, this is a must-read.
If you’ve read the first 4 of course, which you should. Now.


– Abscondo
waiting impatiently for #6


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